Undergraduate studies

  • Optics and Optometry

In the bachelor's degree in Optics and Optometry, you will study both medical and technology-related subjects, developing the knowledge and skills needed to diagnose, prevent and treat vision problems. In optics, you will receive the theoretical training needed to understand how images are formed by lenses, the fundamentals of optical instruments, and the causes of visual impairments, while your studies of optometry will allow you to develop the knowledge and skills needed to treat non-medical vision problems.

Postgraduate studies (Master programme)

  • Applied Optometry

The master's degree in Applied Optometry covers two aspects, clinical and research, preparing opticians-optometrists to work with the most advanced techniques and procedures in the care and improvement of visual health, in collaboration with other health professionals and/or researchers in the field of vision.

The master's degree in Applied Optometry is a proposal for advanced training in optometric procedures and treatments applied to improving the clinical, technical and research skills of opticians-optometrists, with a professional and research orientation. The training programme allows for the sequential acquisition of advanced training in all the aspects that the optician-optometrist needs to master to carry out their work effectively in optical establishments, hospital services and ophthalmology clinics and research centres or departments, both public and private.