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Our project offers you a Reader App that lets you organise and run, in your tablet or smartphone, Javascript simulations created with EjsS 5.0 and later.

Main page of the Android version of the EjsS Reader App. Clicking one of the simulations logos, the Reader runs that simulation.

Free and Pro versions of the Reader

There is a Free version of the Reader and a Pro version of it. Both versions come with a number of demo simulations in what will be your personal library. The Free version allows you to add up to five (5) more simulations to your library. Once you reach this limit, you need to remove one of these downloaded simulations to make room for a new one. The Pro version has no limit in the number of simulations you can add to your personal library. (Don't panic! The Pro version of our EjsS Reader App is very, very affordable.)

Below you will find links to the two versions in the different on-line stores.

Android versions on Google's Play Store

iOS versions on Apple's App Store

We would like to know about you so that we can send you email information about new releases. Please, fill the attached form and click submit. This will take you to the download page.

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