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Easy Java/Javascript Simulations has been written completely in Java language and, as such, can be run on any platform that supports Java (version 8 or later required). It works exactly the same in all cases, to within minor variations based on how a given system renders graphics.

However, the installation process is somewhat different for different operating systems. This section describes the installation process for: Windows operating system, Linux/Unix operating systems, and MacOS operating systems.

Since the process is fairly similar for each type of OS, we split the process into steps (download, installation, running Ejs) and describe the methods for each OS within each step.

Multi-language installation

EJS interface has been translated to different languages (some of them only partially). Currently, EJS features complete translations only to English and Spanish. Any installation of EJS contains all available languages. EJS will appear by default in the local language of your operating system. The EJS console allows you to force EJS to appear in one particular language.

Users willing to translate EJS to new languages or improve the existing translations, please contact the author at

Look and feel schemes of the user interface

EJS can be instructed to use any of the different Java look and feel schemes available in your Java installation. These look and feels can make EJS look slightly different. Therefore, the interface you will get when running EJS may differ from the images in this Wiki.

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