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Dear ESRA members,
As we witness the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army, the European Shakespeare Research Association wishes to express its solidarity with the Ukrainian academic community and, beyond, with the whole population of this country which only aspires to a democratic and peaceful life. We also support the Shakespeare scholars and theatre-makers in Russia, who openly assume the risk of repressive action when protesting.

We join our voices to all those who call for an immediate end to the use of weapons and call for a return to dialogue to solve conflict and restore peace. We call all our academic institutions to do everything they can to support the Ukrainian people in these cruel circumstances and are working at the constitution of a Shakespearean Alliance to explore ways of providing help and support to the Shakespearean colleagues who are at the heart of this conflict, in the short and longer terms.

The Board of ESRA


ESRA (the European Shakespeare Research Association) encourages and supports research into Shakespeare as a cultural presence in Europe and the relationship between this presence and the construction of European culture and identity.

The Association endeavours:

The Board of ESRA currently has the following composition:

Webmaster: Juan F. Cerdá

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