Vicerrectorado de Estudios

This page shows our current Master degrees. For each degree, its language of instruction is displayed. Most of the degrees are currently taught in Spanish, although some of them have groups whose instruction is performed in English. In case specific information about the Master has been produced in English, the following links will take you to such content. 

Degree Language of instruction
Advanced Mathematics Spanish  
Advanced and Specialised Research in Law Spanish 
Aging Spanish  
Analysis of social & consumer trends and communication strategies Spanish
Applied and Theoretical Linguistics Spanish
Applied Clinical Anatomy Spanish 
Applied Sociology: Social realities and dynamics Spanish
Art Production and Management Spanish 
Audit Accountancy Spanish
Big Data Analytics Technologies Spanish
Biodiversity Management in Mediterranean Environments Spanish 
Bioethics (online) Spanish 
Bioinformatics Spanish
Biolaw: Law, Ethics and Science Spanish 
Biotechnology and Biology of Plant Stress Spanish  
Business Sciences Spanish 
Clinical, Experimental Hematology and Oncology Spanish  
Clinical and Health Psychology  
Clinical Optometry Spanish  
Criminology applied to the Execution of Sentences Spanish  
Dental Sciences Spanish  
Direction and Management of Human Resources Spanish  
Economic Development and International Cooperation Spanish 
Editorial Translation Spanish 
Education and Museums. Heritage, Identity and Cultural Mediation Spanish 
Educative Technology: e-learning and knowledge management Spanish  
Electrochemistry, Science and Technology Spanish
European Comparative Literature Spanish
European Medieval Identity Spanish
Finances Spanish 
Fine and Molecular Chemistry Spanish 
Forensic Sciences Spanish 
Gender and Equality Spanish  
Government, Administration and Public Policies Spanish
Guidance and Labour Intermediation Spanish
Guidance, Counselling and Family Mediation Spanish
Health, Woman and Care Spanish  
History and Historical Heritage Spanish
Hotel Management Spanish  
Information Management in Organizations Spanish  
Labour Legal Advice Spanish
Legal Profession Spanish
Management of Fishing Resources and Aquaculture Spanish  
Mediation Spanish  
MBA Spanish  
Mobile communication and digital contents Spanish
Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Spanish  
Musical Research Spanish  
Naval History and Heritage Spanish
New Technologies in Computer Science English, Spanish
Nutrition, Technology and Food Safety Spanish 
Osteopathy Spanish 
Philosophy Research Spanish
Prevention of Occupational Hazards Spanish 
Protected Areas, Natural Resources and Biodiversity Spanish  
Psychology of Education Spanish 
Psychology of Social Intervention Spanish 
Public Health  Spanish  
Quality Management in Health Services Spanish  
Reproductive Biology and Technology in Mammals English, Spanish 
Research, Evaluation and Quality in Education Spanish
Research and Innovation in Infant and Primary Education Spanish 
Research and Management on Historic-Artistic and Cultural Heritage Spanish 
Research in Sciences of Physical Activity and Sports Spanish  
Research in Vision Sciences Spanish 
Social and Educational Inclusion-Exclusion: Policies, Programs, Practices Spanish
Small animals medicine Spanish
Theology   Spanish  
Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modelling Spanish  
Training of Secondary School, Baccalaureate, Vocational Training, Languages and Arts Teachers Spanish  
Water Technology, Administration and Management Spanish 
Wildlife Management Spanish