Vicerrectorado de Estudios

This page shows our current Bachelor degrees. For each degree, its language of instruction is displayed. Most of the degrees are currently taught in Spanish, although some of them have groups whose instruction is performed in English. In case specific information about the degree has been produced in English, the following links will take you to such content. 

Degree Language of instruction
Advertising and Public Relations Spanish
Art History
Audiovisual Communication
Biology  Spanish
Biochemistry  Spanish
Biotechnology Spanish
Business Administration and Direction English, Spanish
Chemical Engineering  Spanish
Chemistry  Spanish
Classical Philology Spanish
Computer Engineering  Spanish
Dentistry  Spanish
Double degree in Business Administration and Direction and Law Spanish
Double degree in Computer Engineering and Mathematics Spanish
Double degree in Journalism and Information Management Spanish
Economy Spanish
English Studies  Spanish
Environmental Sciences  Spanish
Fine Arts  Spanish
French Studies  Spanish
Food Science and Technology  Spanish
Geography and Land Management  Spanish
History  Spanish
Human Nutrition and Dietary  Spanish
Infant Education (Location: Cartagena) Spanish
Infant Education (Location: Murcia) Spanish
Information Management  Spanish
Journalism  Spanish
Law  Spanish
Labour Relations and Human Resources  (Location: Cartagena) Spanish
Labour Relations and Human Resources  (Location: Murcia) Spanish
Logopedy  Spanish
Marketing  Spanish
Mathematics  Spanish
Medicine  Spanish
Nursing (Location:Cartagena) Spanish
Nursing (Location:Lorca) Spanish
Nursing (Location:Murcia)  Spanish
Optics and Optometry Spanish
Pedagogy  Spanish
Philosophy  Spanish
Psychology  Spanish
Physical Activity and Sports Sciences 
Political Sciences and Public Management Spanish
Primary Education (Location: Cartagena) Spanish
Primary Education (Location: Murcia)  English, Spanish
Social Education Spanish
Social Work  Spanish
Spanish Language and Literature Spanish
Translation and Interpreting: French Spanish
Translation and Interpreting: English  Spanish
Tourism Spanish
Veterinary  Spanish