Facultad de Veterinaria

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The Faculty of Veterinary Science of the University of Murcia has a larger number of modern facilities. This is due to the high cost involving the good training of professionals devoted to the fields of Veterinary Science, Food Science & Technology and also to the different postgraduate Master degrees offered by our Faculty. The Evaluation of this Faculty by the EAEVE has also helped improve these facilities in the last years. The main aim of our Facilities such as the Teaching Hospital, Teaching Farm and Food Technology Pilot Plan is to ensure an excellent training for all our students. Good management of these resources is important to ensure their future viability in order to preserve the higher standards of quality in the teaching offered by this Institution. The Faculty of Murcia has been approved by the EAEVE evaluation process.      

The Faculty of Murcia, proud of its tradition, has recently celebrated its 30th anniversary, but also needs to look beyond into the future. In this context, we are aware of the increasing velocity and dynamism through which scientific & technological knowledge is produced and transferred. It is also important to increase the mobility of our students and forge new links with firms and corporations in order to augment the number of researching contracts and projects. Overall, our teaching, researching and medical activities must be efficient in a dual way, to produce excellent professionals and also to pay back to our society for the funds received to perform all these objectives.

We have been working hard in recent years to be ready to fulfil the requirements of the new European Space for Higher Education. In this context, we have participate in different teaching projects to offer a more innovative and pro-active education to our students. The new Grades and Master studies offered by our Faculty are fully adapted to this new framework.


Antonio Rouco