Facultad de Veterinaria

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Year of foundation: 1982.
Faculty address: Facultad de Veterinaria. Campus de Espinardo. Universidad de Murcia. 
30.100. Murcia. Spain.  
Phone: +34-868883904/05.  
Fax: +34-868884147. 
Degrees awarded:
  • Degree in Veterinary Sciences (Graduate).
  • Degree in Food Sciencie & Technology (Graduate)
  • Master in  Biology & Technology of Reproduction
  • Master in  Wildlife Management
  • Master in Nutrition and Food Safety & Technology
  • Master in Swine Health & Production
  • Doctorate (PhD) by the University of Murcia
Number of Departments: 10 
First year Student: 100. 
Location: Campus de Espinardo (Faculty of Veterinary Science).    
Facilities: Library, Video room, Computer rooms, Dissection Rooms, Museum of Anatomy, Necropsy Room,  Laboratories, Food Technology Pilot Plant,  Teaching Farm, Teaching Hospital.