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This Master is especially suitable for students with a Degree in Veterinary (Sciences or Medicine), Human Medicine, Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Animal Husbandry or similar studies.

How to enroll

Admission Profile

Students with a degree or Bachelor on Veterinary and/or Human Medicine, Biology , Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Pharmacy , Chemistry and Environmental Sciences and Agricultural Engineering and Chemical Engineering Degrees.


Degree or Bachelor Title: Applicants must hold an official university degree or bachelor title issued from a higher education institution of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA ) accomplishing the qualification requirements for admission into this MSc.

Also, graduates from outside the EHEA after verification by the University of Murcia that those institutions represent a level of education equivalent to the corresponding Spanish official university degrees, provided that the issued title give access to postgraduate studies in the original country. Access in this way does not imply, in any case, an official recognition at institutional level, but only for the purpose of enrolling the Master course.

Language Certificate

Applicants must hold a B1 level in English, according to the Common European Framework . This can be accredited in the following ways:
- Certificate of a B1.3 course in English issued by the Languages Service of the University of Murcia (SIU)
- 3rd year (old plan) or intermediate level (current plan) issued by the Official Language Schools (Escuela Oficial de Idiomas)
- Cambridge ESOL: PET
- Certificate of level conducted by the Language Service of the University of Murcia
In any case, the Language Service of the University of Murcia will be responsible to check, validate and/or certify this requirement.

A B1 level in Spanish is recommendable since tuition language are both English and Spanish.

Required documents

The following documents must be submitted through the Pre-registration web site of the University of Murcia

1. Copy of Identity Card (DNI, NIE or Passport).

2. Copy of the candidate's Degree or Bachelor Title, or alternatively, either a credential of the Title including the fees payment invoice, or an Official Credential of the Title Recognition. 

3. Copy of the candidate's Degree or Bacherlor Official Qualifications, issued by the mother University.

4.  Curriculum vitae, including the candidate's merits in relation with the Master course, such us attendance to specialization courses or conferences, previous work experience in human or animal reproduction, embryo transfer or in vitro fertilization, etc

5. Personal Statment (maximum 800 words), explaining the reasons and motivations by which the candidate is requesting this Master course.

6. Copy of Language Lertificate (B1 in English) as stated above.