Sociolinguistics Symposium 21

Parallel Colloquia

A series of invited Colloquia have been scheduled focusing on theory, methods or applications in Sociolinguistics on Thursday 16th and, mostly, Friday 17th June:

  • Historical Sociolinguistics (convenors: Terttu Nevalainen & Marijke van der Wal)
  • The place of style in a 21st century Sociolinguistics (convenors: Allan Bell & Natalie Schilling)
  • Sociolinguistics, Migration and Discrimination (convenor: Ruth Wodak)
  • Forensic Sociolinguistics (convenor: Malcolm Coulthard)
  • Attitudes and Prestige (convenor: Unn Røyneland)
  • Cognitive Sociolinguistics (convenor: Gitte Kristiansen) 
  • La Sociolingüística en España (convenor: Pilar García-Mouton)
  • Tendencias actuales en la Sociolingüística del español de América y el Caribe (convenor: Manuel Díaz-Campos)


Tribute to Joshua Aaron Fishman

A portrait of Joshua Fishman from different academic and non-academic perspectives, coordinated by Brian Bennett (Niagara University): Thursday 16th June, from 19:00 to 19:30 hrs (Paraninfo).


Journal Launch with Reception: JHSL

JHSLThe Journal of Historical Sociolinguistics (JHSL) will be presented on Thursday 16th June, from 19:30 to 21:00 hrs by Gijsbert Rutten and Rik Vosters in Paraninfo. The launch will be followed by a free reception for all SS21 participants with some drinks and snacks kindly sponsored by JHSL (Campus square).





Publishing Workshop

Christopher Tancock (Elsevier) and Rosa M. Manchón (University of Murcia) will be in charge of a workshop on how to publish in international venues (journal articles and contributions to book series)(Friday 17th, 19:00-20:00 hrs, Hemiciclo).


Business Meeting: Outlook SS23

There will be a meeting on June 17th to study prospective venues for SS23 and organizational issues of Sociolinguistics Symposia (19:00 hrs, Paraninfo).


Special Session: Sociolinguistics: Milestones and Challenges

Celebrating the 40th anniversary since the first Sociolinguistics Symposium was organized at Walsall in 1976, a Special Session entitled Sociolinguistics: Milestones and Challenges will be scheduled to close the conference on Saturday 18th June (11:00-12:30 hrs, Paraninfo).

Participants: Allan Bell, David Britain, Rebecca Clift, Alexandra Jaffe, Miriam Meyerhoff, Dennis Preston, Ruth Wodak, and Laura Wright.

They will talk about their own sociolinguistic sub-areas both retrospectively and in prospect, focusing on theoretical and/or methodological developments, achievements, and also needs, followed by some common discussion.

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