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The Faculty of Psychology of the University of Murcia has the following laboratories (to be used for research and practical activities):

    Group observation
    Child observation
    Therapeutic observation
    Eye movements
    Evoked potentials (2 laboratories)
    Polygraphy (2 laboratories)
    Human experimentation
    Cognitive science
    Speech Therapy (Voice Lab)
    Child motor control
    High speed cameras for the study of motor activities


Teaching classrooms

The School of Psychology has seven classrooms of different capacities in the same building, as well as larger classrooms in the North Classroom Building of the Campus de Espinardo, 100 meters from the Faculty building. They have all the necessary multimedia and Internet equipments and are suitable for the number of students of the different degrees of the center, as well as for the required training activities.

ADLAS (Computer Open Access Teaching Classrooms)

The School of Psychology has two Computer Classrooms for Teaching and Free Access (ADLA).

The system of use gives preference to the teaching activities, remaining at the disposal of the university community the rest of the time. The use of these classrooms requires identification through the university card. The characteristics are the following:

    Robin classroom
        21 computer stations (without CD / DVD players).
        Projection Cannon.
        Printing service.

  • Pinzón Classroom
       17 computer stations (with CD / DVD player) 
  • Portable Laptops
  •     20 computer laptops (without CD / DVD players).
    • 17 puestos informáticos (con lector de CDs/DVDs) por 20 puestos informáticos (sin lector de CDs/DVDs)
    • Cañon de Proyección.

Virtual access to Adlas de Psicología via virtual desktop (link to eva.um.es)

Reservation requests for teaching and software installation (teachers)

SReservation requests for teaching and software installation (only teachers)


Other facilities and services for teacher use

  • Tests Library (Biblioteca de tests) of the Faculty of Psychology. It allows loan of tests for teaching practices and other uses.
    - Library of the Faculty of Psychology, with loan service, large reading room and small rooms for group work (
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Rooms study and working group (for students)alas de estudio y trabajo en grupo (para alumnado)

Characteristics: small rooms, for a maximum of 8-10 students
Reservations: in Concierge


- Ground floor building Faculty of Psychology:

  • Room 1: B1.0.035
  • Room 2: B1.0.050
  • Room 3: B1.0.045
  • Room 4: B1.0.48

- First floor, in Library: two rooms