Facultad de Psicología


University mobility is an irreplaceable experience of great value in today's world. Students of the Faculty of Psychology can complete their training in other universities (national and international) and carry out internships abroad under different mobility programs and inter-university agreements. The activities carried out through these programs and agreements will receive the corresponding academic recognition as established in the university regulations and the bases of each program.

The mobility activities are managed by the International Relations Service, the Vice-Rectorate of Students, Quality and Equality and by the mobility coordinator of the Faculty of Psychology.

On the website of international mobility for UM students you can find mobility information grouped by geographical areas. Visit the SICUE program page for national mobility.

Center Coordinator

Coordinator: Marina Olmos Soria
Location: Deanship of the Faculty of Psychology
E-mail: marolmos@um.es
Phone: +34 868 88 7709 - +34 868 88 7793


Mobility programs