Brief history

The study of Psychology at the University of Murcia began in 1975 as a specialty of the Degree in Philosophy (in the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters), approximately at the same time as in other Spanish universities, as Psychology is a relatively recent discipline.

Since then, the study of Psychology has been improving and becoming more specialized in successive study plans and inside the Faculty of Psychology, created in 1991. The Degree in Speech Therapy was incorporated in 2006 and several Masters courses have been added in recent years, the Faculty provides an academic offer comprising the following official titles:


Masters Studies:

This offer is completed with a wide range of non-official studies offered through the ‘School of Psychological Practice’ and the ‘School of Speech Therapy Practice’ based in our Faculty and which form part of both the University of Murcia and the Official College of Psychologist of the Region of Murcia the first one and the Official College of Speech Therapist the second one. 

In the field of research, the Faculty of Psychology has a wide structure of research and teaching laboratories in the center and its research groups have access to the Psychological Instrumentation Service of the University of Murcia that offers crucial resources for research to the university community and society at large.

In the field of Applied Psychology to society and the rest of the University community, the Faculty offers a specialized intervention service through the Applied Psychology Service.

Doctors `honoris causa` by the University of Murcia proposed by the Faculty of Psychology: