Research groups

Research groups list

    E038-04 Cognitive science
    E043-05 Egypt
    E042-01 EIPSED
    E042-03 GIAT (Early Care Research Group)
    E042-02 GIPSE (Research group in developmental psychology)
    E042-06 EVASALUD (Education, values, addictions and health)
    E043-04 Social Psychology
    E043-06 GIPSA: (Research Group in Applied Social Psychology)
    E069-03 Group of research childhood and adolescence-clinical psychology. GUIIA-PC
    E038-05 Research group for the development and application of surveys (GIDAE)
    E038-01 Methods of research and evaluation in social sciences
    E069-05 Psychodiversity and health
    E038-02 Basic Psychology
    E069-02 Clinical and health psychology
    E069-01 Clinical and health psychology
    E069-04 Health psychology
    E069-06 Sports psychology
    E0A3-01: Psychobiology and Behavioral Neurobiology

Cooperation for research

The transfer of technology is vital for the progress of our society. In our center there are leading research groups whose results may be of interest for the productive and marketing sector, that is demonstrated by the number of regional, national and international R & D & I projects currently being developed in cooperation with other academic institutions, research organizations and companies. Therefore, our groups are ideal to help them to improve their services and competitiveness through research cooperation and technology transfer of research results, which undoubtedly helps improve business and university competitiveness. The University of Murcia has an Office for the Transfer of Research Results (OTRI), which can help you manage cooperation with our research groups for research projects, contracts, etc.