Facultad de Psicología

Programa de doctorado en Psicología


PhD in Psychology


The aim of the studies of the Doctoral Program in Psychology at the University of Murcia is advanced training for research in the field of Psychology, Speech Therapy and Sports Sciences. Researchers are intensively trained to successfully face the generation of knowledge in different areas of psychology, as well as its transfer, in response to growing social demands.

The theoretical, technical and methodological knowledge that trains for research in the different areas of Psychology is taught: Clinical and Health, Evolutionary, Educational, Neuroscience, Social and Psychobiology, as well as to integrate into multidisciplinary research groups. It is intended that the doctoral student achieve the competences that empower him / her to autonomously identify priority research needs, plan research, design experiments, analyze and interpret results and disseminate them rigorously, as well as to obtain their funding.

Guide of the Doctorate en Psychology