Proyecto Noria

Noria Project

Project Objectives

The general objective of the project is to increase capacities of the Moroccan universities in contributing to the technology transfer in the water technology sector by mobilizing their potential as key players in the Moroccan innovation system. More specifically, the project objectives are:

  • To strengthen strategic, managerial and administrative capacities of 7 Moroccan universities by enhancing participation in cooperative research activities in the water sector, through implementation of a series of targeted capacity building measures.
  • To promote the innovation culture & the technology transfer in the water sector within Moroccan HEIs through improvement of Innovation offices and innovation support services at 7 Moroccan Universities.

Main direct target groups

Most of the activities will be focused on TT managers and researchers on this topic in PCs HEIs.

Activities, Outputs, and Methodology

The project structure is broken down into WPs, activities & subsequent outputs/deliverables, which are logically sequenced & interlinked.

Target Groups and Stakeholders

The project foresees the inclusion of a range of stakeholders from all levels.

Government, Ministry and top-level HEI management will participate in policy dialogue & planning actions. Their contribution will create potential for wider impact and generate change.

At HEI level, there are various stakeholders to consider including TT managers and researchers on this topic. Their involvement will help to shape the plans and processes to be improved as ultimate beneficiaries.

Moroccan enterprises and the whole Moroccan society via an increased contribution of Moroccan universities to the technology transfer in the water technology sector.

Other HEIs in Morocco will greatly benefit from this action, having a set of documentation and experiences to base their own upgrades on, a platform to interact. The project concept has been developed with a view to include as many stakeholders of differing power/interest levels as possible, thus ensure resistance to change is neither an issue nor a hindrance, and that all feel their involvement has assisted to shape any future upgrades and modernisation for increase water. This will generate a feeling of ownership for all project results and their more likely acceptance.