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MINTlab on the publication train! MINTlab plant interactor Adrian Frazier recently published a paper for Mind and Matter on the rarely contentious topic of consciousness and what it might mean, from an ecointeractivist perspective, for plants to be conscious. Download the paper here!

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Mintlab on the web! Mintlab rock star Vicente Raja published a piece for Europe Now about plant behaviour and his recent paper with fellow plant glitterati Paula Silva, Rogy Holghoomi, and Paco "el Jeffe" Calvo.

Mintlab in the Journals! Mintlab plant guru Miguel Segundo Ortin and Mintlab gran jefe Paco Calvo recently published a paper in Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Cognitive Science called "Consciousness and Cognition in Plants". Available for download here.

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Mintlab on the Zoom again! Mintlab plant-wrangler Adrian Frazier delivered a presentation for the Perception Action Workshop at the Center for the Ecological Study of Perception and Action, based in University of Connecticut discussing the idea of a "universal nervous system", or "nuro-system", a generalization of the animal nervous system meant to serve as a framework for thinking about the role of a creature's "insides" for perception and action.

Mintlab on the Zoom! Mintlab superstar Vicente Raja gave a presentation about his recent article "The Dynamics of Plant Nutation" for the Rotman Institute of Philosophy's Emerging Minds Colloquium Series.

Mintlab in the blogs! Innovators in time lapse technology, Brinno (and manufacturers of the cameras we use for our research) wrote about "The Dynamics of Plant Nutation", a recent MINTlab publication, in their blog.

Mintlab in the news! Vicente and Paco were interviewed by the BBC about their recent publication in Scientific Reports, "The Dynamics of Plant Nutation". Our good friends in plant physiology were especially interested in the BBC's take on the implication of this research for plant consciousness. Of course, the paper was only about dynamics and complexity, and had nothing to say on the topic of consciousness. But that's science journalism for you!

Mintlab in the news! Paco was interviewed by the Guardian about a recent paper by Vicente and him published, "The Dynamics of Plant Nutation" in Scientific Reports.

Intrigued by the ability of climbing beans to sense structures such as garden canes and grow up them, he devised an experiment to investigate whether they deliberately aim for the cane, or simply bump into such structures as they grow, and then turn them to their advantage. “The question is, are they showing goal-directed behaviours consistent with anticipation and fine-scaled tweaking of their movements, as they approach?” Calvo said.

[...] “We see these signatures of complex behaviour, the one and only difference being is that it’s not neural-based, as it is in humans,” Calvo said. “This isn’t just adaptive behaviour, it’s anticipatory, goal-directed, flexible behaviour.”

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