Paco Calvo Bio

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Prof. Paco Calvo, PhD

Head Honcho

Minimal Intelligence Lab

Universidad de Murcia, Murcia, España

Head honcho of the MINT lab and a leading figure in the philosophy of plant behavior and signalling (nee plant neurobiology). A philosopher concerned with issues at the intersection of plant biology and cognitive science, Paco wants to know:

What, if anything, is there to say about the intelligence of plants?
What is the best way to conceptualize plant intelligence?

In the effort to answer these qestions, Paco has taken an especially eclectic route, collaborating with anybody who has something interesting to say about plant intelligence. Among these collaborators have been major figures in plant behavior and ecological psychology, philosophers of mind and biology, biologists, psychologists, neurobiologists, and roboticists.

In addition to plant behavior, Paco has made contributions to cognitive science, ecological psychology, 4E psychology, and philosophy of science.