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Minimal Intelligence Lab (MINT Lab)

Studying Plant Intelligence

Paco CalvoThe MINT Lab is the first laboratory in the Philosophy of Plant Neurobiology. Our team studies the ecological and philosophical basis of plant intelligence. We aim to conduct experimental studies at the intersection of the areas of plant neurobiology and ecological psychology, with a twist of philosophy of science.

The Minimal Intelligence project uses behavioral methods in order to explore perception-action, and learning in plants, at the level of both roots and shoots. Our lab uses time-lapse photography to observe plant roots and shoots navigational capacities, and critically explores the theoretical underpinnings of cognitivist interpretations of plants' adaptive behavior. To do so, we apply principles of ecological psychology to the plant data. Some of the questions being raised are: How do plants guide their movements using sensory-motor coupling? Can plants learn and anticipate environmental contingencies? Can their behavior be conditioned?

Being based in a department of Philosophy, the MINT Lab is open to both philosophy-oriented plant scientists and philosophers of biology and cognitive science. Our aim is to combine theory and experimentation under a new field of research: The Philosophy of Plant Neurobiology


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