PhD in Mathematics

The PhD in mathematics of the University of Murcia arises from the transformation of the former doctoral program in mathematics of the University of Murcia to the new structures of graduate and postgraduate teachings.

The doctoral studies culminate with the completion of a doctoral thesis supervised by one of the teachers of the program, which provides a Ph.D. degree by the University of Murcia.

Studies Organization

The basic curricular structure of the doctorate is the realization of a doctoral thesis in one of the research groups participating in the program with the guidance of one or more teachers.

Besides developing a doctoral thesis, the student will participate in the activities organized within the research group, asisting to seminars or to courses taught by members of the research group and visiting teachers.

They should also give seminars on topics related to the completion of their doctoral thesis and to their research work.

Furthermore, the students will participate in different scientific activities, such as conferences related to their research area, visiting research centers where they will share experiences with other researchers, etc.

The needed time to complete a doctoral thesis is quite variable being three-four years a reasonable time for a student in full-time basis.


The main objective of the PhD student is the introduction of scientific research in a field of mathematics and the completion of a doctoral thesis which collects original results with relevant contributions.

The student should acquire, always supervised by their tutors and dissertation directors, the following knowledge and skills:

  • General techniques of scientific research in mathematics.
  • The main techniques, the most relevant results and open problems in a field of research.
  • The current state of the art in the research area of specialization.
  • Understand a research problem, its inherent difficulties and its relevance within the global mathematical knowledge.
  • Communicate clearly his/her knowledge, ideas and contributions in seminars and international scientific forums.
  • Provide relevant original contributions in his/her field of expertise.
  • Cooperate with domestic and foreign scientists in the study of relevant problems in mathematics.

Professional Guidance

It aims to train professionals capable of developing a research activity with a high level of excellence in a research group in mathematics or a related field of knowledge. 

Admission Process

Admission Requirements

To be admitted in the doctoral program it is required to fulfil one of the following items:

  • Have Master degree.
  • Have completed at least 60 credits in the Official Postgraduate Programmes and have completed at least 240 ECTS credits from Undergraduate or Graduate University Studies.
  • Students with foreign qualifications must apply for the verification of equivalent educational level. The instructions are available at Graduate Studies. Checking level.

Admission Criteria

  • Masters degree in Advanced Mathematics.
  • Academic record from the second cycle.
  • Math credits completed in official postgraduate programs.
  • Master Thesis (or Degree thesis).
  • Personal interview with the teachers of the same research line to assess the student's academic formation that is related with the corresponding line of research.

Applications must be submitted to the Secretariat of the Graduate Section.

Claims are submitted to the Secretariat of the Faculty of Mathematics or via email to

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