General information

Every year the Faculty of Arts receives in excess of 300 students, lecturers, researchers and administrators from various parts of the world (Europe, North and South America and Asia) on a variety of academic exchange programmes, including Erasmus+, ISEP and ILA, or through bilateral agreements with specific universities abroad (see the UM’s International Welcome Point). It also regularly offers a number of internships to students seeking to develop work-oriented skills in an academic environment. These different programmes are overseen by the University’s International Office, the Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research and Internationalization and the Faculty’s International Relations committee, chaired by the Vice-Dean for Mobility Programmes.

The University’s internationalization webpage offers a complete overview of the range of programmes available, as well as direct links to the courses, research and language-learning facilities on offer.

International Coordinator

Coordinator: Paula Cifuentes-Férez

School: Faculty of Arts


Telephone: (+34) 868 88 93 59