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null 24/11/2016 Simposio Affecting Computing

Affective computing is a novel computing paradigm that builds on the results of artificial intelligence, biomedical engineering, and psychology to allow computer systems to detect, use, and express emotions. The objective of the workshop is to bring together people interested in research on affective computing, ambient intelligence, and context aware systems. We assume goal oriented yet multidisciplinary research approach, including computer science, artificial intelligence, biomedical engineering, and experimental sciences. We consider both fundamental and applied research with participation of companies where possible. Scientists and researchers from Germany, Poland, Portugal, Spain, and South Korea will give their presentations on the topics of Context Awareness for Ambient Intelligence, Affective Characters in Narrative Contents, Games Technology and Design: Serious Games, Virtual Reality, and Emotive Interfaces, as well as BioInspired and Evolutionary Computation, Affective Information Systems, and finally, AfC Experiments in Virtual Reality with Wearable Sensors.


  • María-Trinidad Herrero
  • Grzegorz J. Nalepa
  • José Tomás Palma