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null Charla "A General Purpose Data and Query Privacy Preserving Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks"

Charla "A General Purpose Data and Query Privacy Preserving Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks"

El próximo miércoles 11 de mayo 2022, a las 10:00 en el salón de grados de la FIUM el profesor Niki Hrovatin de la University of Primorska (Eslovenia), en el marco del programa ERASMUS+ PDI, dará una charla relacionada con privacidad y redes de sensores titulada

A General Purpose Data and Query Privacy Preserving Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

Nowadays, the computational power of nodes forming a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) allows data processing and analysis directly on the data origin in a decentralized way.

This shift in paradigm introduces a shift in the privacy and security problems that need to be addressed.

While a decentralized implementation avoids the single point of failure problem that typically applies to centralized approaches, it is subject to other threats, such as external monitoring, and new challenges, such as the complexity of providing decentralized implementations of analytics.

In this talk, we present an onion routing based privacy-preserving communication protocol that finds application in networks of wireless devices for data aggregation or data mining tasks.

The data mining approach enforced by the protocol is validated on a use case related to indoor air quality. The communication protocol was implemented in the network simulator NS-3, and the results are presented.


Niki Hrovatin was born in Trieste, Italy, in 1994. PhD candidate, teaching, and research assistant at University of Primorska, and Innorenew CoE, Slovenia.

His current research interests include sensor networks, machine learning, decentralized systems, and blockchain.



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