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null Charla "Software development effort estimation"

Charla "Software development effort estimation"


Ali Idri

Breve descripción de la ponencia

Predicting the effort necessary to develop a software system remains the principal goal of software development effort estimation (SDEE), and the success of any software project relies on the accuracy of the prediction. Delivering an accurate effort estimation at the early stages of the software development process is essential to help the managers decide what resources are needed to complete a given software project. This course present an overview on effort estimation techniques.

Breve descripción del ponente

Ali Idri is a Full Professor at Computer Science and Systems Analysis School in the University Mohamed V, Rabat. He received his Master(1994) and Doctorate (1997) degrees in Computer Science, both from the University Mohamed V of Rabat. He received his Ph.D. (2003) in Computer and Cognitive Sciences from University of Quebec at Montreal. He is the Head of the Web and Mobile Engineering department and the head of the Software Project Management research group since 2010. He serves as a editor, reviewer and member of program committee of major international journals and conferences. He was ranked at the 3rd position of the Top-Ten researchers in the field of software effort estimation according to the study "Research Patterns and Trends in Software Effort Estimation" published in the journal Information and Software Technology (Information and Software Technology 91 (2017) 1¿21). He was recently ranked 2nd of the Top-Ten researchers in doing Systematic Mapping Studies in Software Engineering according to the study ¿Landscaping systematic mapping studies in software engineering: A tertiary study¿ published in the journal of Systems and Software 149 (2019) 396¿436. He is very active in the fields of software engineering, machine learning and medical informatics and has published more that 180 papers in well recognized journals and conferences such as IST, JSS, IJMI, CMPB and JASC.

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Aula 0.01 de la Facultad de Informática de la Universidad de Murcia

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17:00 - 18:00 h

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Estudiantes, profesores y profesionales del desarrollo de software


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