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There are currently one undergraduate program and two postgraduate ones. Each postgraduate programme has a PhD programme associated. The structure of these programmes is described here.

Spanish is the common language of instruction in our programmes, especially at undergraduate level, although many learning objects and course books are in English.

The success of our degrees can be justified due to the professional consideration our graduate students have in the companies and due to the amount of students in our Faculty.


Degree Students
BSc on Computer Engineering (240 ECTS)1                                                                                                                                                          800 (approx)


Degree Students
Msc on New Technologies in Computer Science2 (Language of instruction: English/Spanish) (60 ECTS) 30 (approx)
Msc on Big Data (60 ECTS) 25 (approx)
Acreditacion institucional
Centro certificado aneca
Sello Euro-Inf-Bachelor

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