Research is a major issue in our Faculty. Our research groups are highly competitive and have an international reputation. We do research in all the relevant and hot topics in ICTs, combining basic and applied research. Our groups are participating in national and international projects, partnering the most ambitious research challenges. There are 11 research groups, whose description is provided next.

Research group Group leader Main research topics
Applied Engineering Humberto Martínez Barberá Robotics and Automation, Vision and Artificial Perception, Networks and Services, Modelling and Simulation
Applied Mathematics Sebastián Ferrer Martínez Algebra applied to Computing, Computational Mathematics, Cryptography
Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Engineering José T. Palma Méndez Knowledge Engineering, Case Based Reasoning Conceptual Modeling, Constraint Satisfaction Problems, Intelligent Monitoring-Diagnosis In Industrial Equipment, Temporal Data Mining And Signal Processing, Temporal and Spatial Reasoning, Constraint And Logic Based, Evolutionary Computation
Computer Architecture & Parallel Systems Manuel E. Acacio Cache coherence protocols and memory hierarchy designs; Energy-efficient and temperature-aware architectures; Reliability, fault-tolerance and process-variation on systems design; Hardware Transactional Memory (HTM) systems; Self-adaptive I/O mechanisms for secondary storage devices; Parallel file systems; Parallel systems programming (OpenMP, MPI, GPGPU)
Intelligent Systems and Telematics Antonio Gómez Skármeta Intelligent Agents Architectures, Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, Computer Supported Cooperative Work, Uncertainty Management, Causal Networks, Ubiquous Computing, Soft Computing, Embedded Systems, Tele-Control and Telematics applied to Transport, Security, Distributed Networking, Autonomous Systems, Machine Learning
Industrial Informatics Alfonso Baños Torrico Control of non-linear Systems, Robust Control, Robotics, Discrete Events Systems, Hybrid Systems
Knowledge Modelling, Processing and Management Rodrigo Martínez Béjar Semantic Web, Knowledge Management, Ontology Engineering, Linguistic Engineering, Cognitive Modelling, Service Oriented Architectures, Intellectual Capital, Medical Informatics, Bioinformatics, ELearning
Mobile Computing and Artificial Vision Alberto Ruiz García Automatic Control, Mobile Computing, Networks and Network Services, Artificial Vision and Artificial Perception
Parallel Computer Architecture José Manuel García Carrasco Distributed Shared Memory, Interconnection Networks, Parallel Simulations and Programming, Distributed File Systems and Operating Systems, High Throughput Processors, Fault Tolerant Hardware
Scientific Computing and Parallel Programming Antonio Javier Cuenca Muñoz Virtual Reality, Image Processing, Computer Vision, Parallel Programming, Machine Learning, Matrix Computation
Software Engineering Ambrosio Toval Álvarez Model Driven Engineering, Requirements Engineering, Analysis and Design of Information Systems, Object-Oriented Databases, Executable Formal Specification