The aim of this project is to encourage an academic discussion on the constitutional bases of the European construction to define a "common European constitutional culture" in order to face together the challenges of the European democracies and the process of supranational integration. This academic dialog will be approached on three pillars:

  1. accuracy and academic excellence.
  2. inter-generational dialogue.
  3. European dimension.

Therefore, it is expected to give the opportunity to junior researchers to deepen their studies concerning the European field and to give them some chances for their growth as researchers. Also, it intends to strengthen a researcher’s network from different European universities. In order to develop this project we will combine efforts of different organizations and several scholars from different countries, experiences and ages. 

In 2018-2020, Eucons received a first Jean Monnet Project (599490-EPP-1-2018-1-ES-EPPJMO-PROJECT), led by the University of Murcia, and focus on the idea of “building a ‘common European constitutional culture’”. In 2020-2022, Eucons continues, coordinated by the University of Granada, with a new Jean Monnet Project (621157-EPP-1-2020-1-ES-EPPJMO-PROJECT), placing European citizens in the centre of our aims and activities: “Towards the citizens of Europe”.