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Doctorado en Biología Molecular y Biotecnología

Doctorado en Biología Molecular y Biotecnología

The Doctorate Programme in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology is the adaptation of a previous one with the same name and taught for many years, until it was adapted to fit the regulations included in Royal Decree 99/2011. The high-quality scientific training it provides justified the Quality Mention obtained by the programme in 2004 for the first time, as well as the subsequent renewals of that mention until it was awarded the Mention towards Excellence in 2011.

During the last five years, the research teams of the Doctorate Programme in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, belonging to the University of Murcia, have published more than 250 articles in prestigious indexed international journals and have conducted 42 PhD theses reaching a total, together with the theses directed by external collaborating teams, of over 50. The programme lecture staff count on numerous years of experience in research and in international collaboration activities with foreign research groups.

This doctorate programme has always proved to be highly demanded at this University. We count not only on students directly related to our research groups but also on students from other institutions, such as the Centre for Edaphology and Applied Biology of the River Segura (research centre depending on the CSIC), the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Health, etc. Thus, our programme may be said not only to guarantee the continuity of our discipline and research groups but also to respond to a true social demand resulting from the increasingly relevant place that Biotechnology and Molecular Biology occupy in the Science-Technology-Industry-Society system.

With this programme, students are expected to become professionally qualified to develop different aspects in Bioscience. Industries in sectors like pharmacy, agro-food, biotechnology, health, environmental engineering, etc. will be able to benefit from recruiting our graduates. The research training we offer will be demanded within a wide range of institutions, including universities, public scientific and technological research centres (such as the CSIC and other State Research Entities), private research centres, hospitals, analysis laboratories, and  R&D departments in biotechnological, sanitary and pharmaceutical companies among others. The close relationship between the programme and Biomedical sciences enables students to research on molecular mechanisms of disease and molecular approaches to the scrutiny, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases, using knowledge derived from Molecular Sciences of Life and Applications. On the other hand, the biotechnological content of the programme allows its application to the field of Industrial Biotechnology in order to obtain products, goods and services, as well as for the management and control of biotechnological processes in industrial production plants. Other professional activities linked to this profile relate to technology transfer between basic and applied research, quality control in biotechnology laboratories and in bio-industries, the biotechnology patents we obtain and advice and expertise in biotechnological and bio-safety aspects. Although the labour framework for these activities relates particularly to biotechnology industries, it also extends to other industries with biotechnological applications, such as the pharmaceutical, veterinary, agri-food and chemical sectors, as well as those related to the environment.


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