Escuela Internacional de Doctorado

Admission Criteria

Access requirements

Article 7 of Rector's Resolution 42/2012 of February 6, ordering the publication of the Doctorate Regulations of the University of Murcia, establishes the requirements to access a doctoral programme:

1. According to the national regulations and to the internal rules at the University of Murcia (Rector Resolution 42/2012 of 6 February and Decree 99/2011), for a candidate to access any doctoral programme at the University of Murcia, they must be in the possession of an official Bachelor’s degree or equivalent and a Master’s degree.

2. In addition, students who are in any of the following cases may also access:

a. Have an official Spanish university degree, or of another country belonging to the European Higher Education Area, giving access to a Master’s degree programme and have passed a minimum of 300 ECTS of official university studies, of which, at least 60 must be at Master's degree level.

b. Have an official Spanish Graduate Diploma containing, according to EU law, at least 300 ECTS. These graduates must compulsorily complete the training supplements referred to in article 7.2 of Royal Decree 99/2011, of January 28, unless the syllabus of the corresponding degree includes credits in research training that are equivalent in training value to research credits in master's programmes.

c. University graduates who, after obtaining a training place in the corresponding test to access specialised health training, have successfully passed at least two years training in a programme to obtain the official title of one of the specialities in Health Sciences.

d. Have a qualification obtained in accordance with foreign education systems, it need not be officially recognised, the General Doctorate Committee will verify that this qualification accredits a training level equivalent to that of the official Spanish Master's degree and gives access to doctoral studies in the country where it was issued. This admission does not imply, in any case, the official recognition of a student’s previous degrees nor its recognition for purposes others than accessing doctoral education.

e. To be in the possession of another Spanish title of doctor obtained according to previous university regulations.

Admission profile

To access the doctoral programme in Psychology of the UMU, candidates are not required to have a specific official Bachelor’s degree or equivalent. However, this doctoral programme is specifically aimed at training previously developed in the field of psychology. In particular, the recommended admission profile is the following:

    -Graduate in Psychology or related disciplines

    -In possession of a Master's degree in the field of Psychology;

    -Level of English: B2.1

    -Research experience in the field of Psychology.


Admission Criteria

The Academic Committee of the Doctoral Programme is responsible for the admission process.

Priority criteria for access

The priority access criteria will be the following:

  1. For students who access the programme with official Spanish degrees or equivalent (point 1 above, in access requirements), to have a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in the disciplinary areas of the doctoral programme.

  2. For students who fulfil the access requirement 2.a above, be in possession of a university degree that qualifies for access to Master's degree studies and have completed at least 60 credits of a Master's Degree, in both cases in the disciplinary areas of the programme.

  3. For students entering the programme under requirements 2b. and 2d., the qualification giving access to the programme must be included in the disciplinary areas of the programme.

  4. For students who access the programme under requirement 2c., to have passed with positive evaluation at least two years-training in the specialist programme in Clinical Psychology -PIR.

  5. To be linked to a research group related to the programme research lines.

The disciplinary areas of the programme are Psychology, Speech Therapy and Sports Science (in the latter case, in the fields of sports and health).

The estimated percentages each criterion may represent on the overall valuation are as follows:

    -Academic records of the bachelor’s and master’s degrees, up to 4 points

    -Complementary postgraduate training, up to 1 point.

    -Publications and participation in scientific meetings, up to 2 points

    -End-of-degree, end-of-master’s degree projects or other research works related to the research line, up to 1 point.

    -Level B1 or higher, 1 point

-Pre-project of thesis, endorsed by a research group, up to 1 point.

Whenever the Academic Committee deems it convenient, the applicants may be summoned to a personal interview in order to gather additional information for the admissions process, which will be valued by up to 2 points.

Students with Special Educational Needs

Article 8 of the Doctorate Regulations of the University of Murcia states that in the event of students with special educational needs derived from a disability, the selection and admissions systems and procedures will include the relevant action to favour, as far as possible, equality in the access conditions and integration in all aspects. To do so, the Service of Attention to Diversity and Volunteers (ADV) will evaluate the need for possible syllabus adaptations.

Number of places available: 20