Facultad de Educación

Basic information

Basic information


Facultad de Educación, Universidad de Murcia

Type of institution

Public Institution


In Spain there is Programme Accreditation. Bachelor: before 6 years   Master: before 4 years

QA / accreditation agency

National Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Spain, ANECA. From Institutional point of view, ANECA carries out a Certification of the design of the internal QA System of the Faculty /Centre School. Through the procedure AUDIT.

Status period  ... (if aplicable)


Memoria de Actividades del Plan de Internacionalización e Intercuturalidad de la Facultad de Educación


The report

Report Format Evidences
Full report pdf html  
Reports by sections  
General Overview pdf html html
Standard 1: Intended internationalisation pdf html html
Standard 2: International and intercultural learning pdf html html
Standard 3: Implementation pdf html html
Standard 4: Enhancement pdf html html
Standard 5: Governance pdf html html
Concluding analysis and references pdf html  
Annexes pdf html  


Self-report Committee

Self-Report Committee

  • Vice Dean Faculty of Education: Dr. Carmen Ferrándiz García and Dr. Amalia Ayala de la Peña
  • Academic Staff: Dr Cecilia Ruiz Esteban
  • International Relations Officers: Miss Isabel Ruiz Serrano
  • International Phd Student: Miss Jennifer Rose Mesa Jacobo
  • Web Coordinator: Dr. Jesualdo Tomás Fernández Breis