Understanding European Business Administration - the Spanish Case

Academic Course Focused on Business and Marketing

This summer course will have a total of 36 academic hours. It will be focused on Business (10 hours) & Marketing (10 hours).

  • Business: Improving business competitiveness requires deep knowledge of the changing environment that the company faces, and its main characteristics. Thus, if a company wants to develop its business in Europe, the main parameters that configure the environment, and the particularities of European companies will be determined. In-depth knowledge of the configuration of the European business management model is essential for success. From this perspective, the main business administration functions are analysed, with special emphasis on the management of people in European companies.
  • Marketing: The understanding of the consumer journey and online consumer behaviour is essential to develop more efficient marketing activities. We will address topics such as the concept of connected consumer, the consumer journey, the processing of online information, and the consumer interaction with virtual communities. Uncertainty in these environments makes consumers increasingly aware of how companies implement corporate social responsibility (CSR) actions, which influences their purchase decisions. Within this topic we will cover consumer evaluation of CSR activities, identification and long term satisfaction.

Besides the two main subjects of this academic course, there will also be 4 hour lessons on other subjects such as:
- European Financial System                            - European Financial Accounting
- Statistics                                                       - Spanish Economy

The students will also attend conferences and visit different companies from the Region of Murcia.

Main activities:

Academic Course

36 academic hours on multiple topics


Educational conferences will be held in the assembly hall of the faculty

Company visits

Company visits will be held from Monday to Friday

Cultural Activities

In order to understand the Spanish culture. Sightseeing, museums...

Application Process


Students will have to register online via the following link: https://encuestas.um.es/encuestas/feesummer.cc

 (also available in the website: www.um.es/web/economiayempresa/movilidad )

Complete online application

To register, you will have to fill in the form by April 30


You will receive a confirmation email

Preliminary Schedule

Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Murcia, Spain

This is a preliminary schedule of the Summer Course. 

Please check our website for the updated version of the schedule of each course

Opening reception: Friday 12 June

Marketing & Business (Blue color) (20 hours)

Other subjects (Red Color): European Financial System; Statistics; Spanish Economy; European Financial Accounting (green color) (16 hours)

Institutional/Company Visits: some institutional and company visits (including La Salud, El Pozo, Zamora Company, Estrella de Levante, Hefame…) will be held from Monday to Friday during the afternoons (more details to come)

Summer Course

Lectures will be held in the morning, institutional/company visits will be arranged during the afternoons from Monday to Friday and cultural trips will be arranged on the weekend.
The number of participants will be limited to a maximum of 30 students.

Cost of the course

The academic course at the University of Murcia is FREE. The incoming students from partner universities will only have to pay for their travel expenses as well as the accommodation.

In order to make the process of accommodation easier, we have looked for the best quality-price place for students to stay. The total approximate cost for accommodation in a single room including breakfast and dinner would amount 810€ approx (45€/day) in the hotel “El Churra” (double room: 65€/day).


cONTACT INFORMATION            Email                           Phone number     WEBSITE

Marcos Anton Renart               viceco.internacionales@um.es        +34 868 88 7795  University of Murcia

Martín García-Ripoll                  internacionales.fee@um.es         +34 868 88 3426 UMU Informative Clip


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