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General Information

The mobility-related activities available for the students of the Faculty of Business and Economics are of national and international mobility programs and internships in companies abroad. Students who participate in mobility programs receive an academic recognition established in the bases of each program and whick is included in the university regulations. In addition, teachers and administration and services staff can also benefit from international and national mobility programs. These programs are managed at the level of the University of Murcia by the Internacional Relations Service, the Vice Chancellor for Students, and whithin the Faculty of Economics and Business by the Vice-Dean of Internacional Relations, both for national and international mobility.

Information Day on International Mobility

Covid -19 / Contingency plan to support international mobility students.

Summer Courses.

Mobility Documents.

Informative Videos.

  1. Experience the University of Murcia (Several Languages Subtitled).
  2. Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Murcia.
  3. Visiting the Faculty of Economics and Business of University of Murcia.


Places offered.





Erasmus+ MI:

Erasmus+Estudios: Primer acto adjudicación 29-31 enero.



Billateral Agreements.

Opinions of students after mobility in International Centers.


Opinions of incoming studens after mobility at the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Murcia.

Syllabus 19/20.

  1. First year
  2. Second year
  3. Third year
  4. Fourth year

Bilingual group information.

 Other information for Incoming and Outgoing students.

UM support services.

Facility Coordination

  • Coordinator: Marcos Antón Renart. Vice Dean of International Relations.
  • Location: Faculty of Economics and Business.
  • Email:    
  • Telephone: +34 868 88 7795

International Office

If needed, there are people at the main SRI who are fluent in French and English is spoken in both offices.

Mobility Programs

Mobility programs for studies managed by the University of Murcia.

Students of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Murcia can participate in mobility programs for suties and practices managed by the University of Murcia:

On the website of mobility for UM students You can find mobility information grouped by geographic area.

Information about the programs in our center.

The rest of the programs do not require specific agreements at the Faculty level, for which reason students do not have a specific offer and students must request their participation in said programs under the conditions of the corresponding call.

Other mobility programs for sudies.

  • Student mobility in official master's degrees.
  • Student mobility in doctoral programs.
  • United States University Master's Scholarships.

The professors of the Faculty of Ecconomics can benefit from grants for the exchange of teachers and to promote international mobility.

More information in, Mobility Programs for PDI of the UMU.

Researchers from the Faculty of Economics can obtain funding to carry out mobility perods in foreign grops. Here are some institutions that finance these periods:

The Administration and Services Staff of the Faculty of Economics may also participate in mobility actions for training purposes.