University Ombudsmen

The university ombudsman commits to safeguard the respect to the rights and liberties of professors, students and administration and services staff, within the teaching and administrative scope of the University of Murcia. His actions are not determined by imperative mandate from any University institution and are ruled by the principles of independence, autonomy, impartiality, deliberation and respect to confidentiality.
The ombudsman makes recommendations and suggestions of a non-binding nature to the different government bodies, pursuing the resolution of the different matters and the improvement of the quality of the public service. The ombudsman may act as a troubleshooter if agreed by the parts involved and offers guidance on the different action to be taken at the different administrative institutions. At the University Ombudsman office different complaints, medication applications and enquiries from any member of the university community which are connected with his duties are handled. Those interested can contact theombudsman in writing, be it via letter or e-mail, by phone, through the mailbox on this website or turningup personally at the office.

Under no circumstance will the complaints dealt with at the University Ombudsman will produce the cancellation of deadlines set by law to file appeals. Complaints engaged in jurisdictional litigation or in disciplinary administrative action will not be handled.