Policy and Objectives

The faculty of Economics and Business is aware of the importance of consolidating a culture of quality in the university environment; therefore it is considered a strategic factor to make it possible for its graduates, as well as its students and staff to have their competences, abilities and aptitudes recognized by employers and the society as a whole. In this regard, it can be highlighted its participation, during the years 2001-2002, in the II Quality Plan for Universities, on its first edition. It should be noted that the conclusions of this Quality Plan resulted in the Improvement Plan of those degrees subjected to evaluation and in the creation of a Quality Commission for the continuous monitoring of the former.

Consequently, the deanship board channels their effort towards the complete fulfillment of the expectations and needs of all the groups of interest which are a part of the Faculty of Economics and Business so as to satisfy them; it is determined to employ all the economic, technical and human resources at its disposal, always within the strict enforcement of the legal requirements applicable, as much in the scope of the autonomous community as in the national and European scope.
For all of these reasons, the Faculty of Economics and Business commits to guaranteeing the quality of the institution, basing its course of action on the analysis of the needs and expectations of all its groups of interest.

Our policy of quality pursues the following general objectives:

  • Promote an excellence-oriented training, providing an academic offer in accordance with the needs and expectations of our users and society in general.
  • Providing our Research and Academic staff with the necessary training so they can carry out their professional duties and facilitating the necessary resources, within our possibilities, so they can develop those satisfactorily.
  • Making an ongoing commitment of continuous improvement.
  • Steering continuously the University management towards the objectives of teaching and research.
  • Making sure that our policy of quality is understood and accepted by the different groups of interest and that is available to them.
  • Guaranteeing that the Quality Management System is efficient and is monitored and revised periodically.