The Faculty of Economics and Business is composed of the best graduates in economics and business studies, offering the possibility of obtaining an excellent specialization thanks to its official masters’ degrees and doctorates to achieve the highest level of university academic degree.

Its infrastructure and staff, composed of highly qualified doctors in every field of knowledge, alongside many professionals who contribute in the students’ training, allow us to create an excellent workplace for students that encourages them to achieve challenges and to develop the abilities required to enter the job market.

The Faculty of Economics and Business leads the relationships in the economics and business field in the region. One of the reasons is because our graduates end up working with many distinguished companies, institutions and public administrations. Our community is collaborative and is based in the culture of equality, meritocracy and ability. Taking advantage of our training means achieving success in the professional field.

J. Samuel Baixauli Soler

Decan of the Faculty


The Faculty of Economics and Business was originated in the old Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences, which was created in 1981 after the publication of the royal decree 1383/1981 in the Official State Gazette. During its creation, the Faculty coexisted with the Escuela Universitaria de Estudios Empresariales (which was created in 1971 from the Escuela Pericial de Comercio established in 1921). The current Faculty of Economics and Business was founded in 2001 by joining of the Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences and the Escuela Universitaria de Estudios Empresariales after the publication of the Decree nº 5/2001 in the Official Gazette of the Region of Murcia the 19th January and after the elimination of both centres that were integrated.

The Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences was located since its creation in the joining facilities of the old Hospital Provincial (nowadays the Hospital Universitario Reina Sofía) until 1986. In summer of 1986, the Faculty moved to the Edificio de Ronda de Levante (old Escuela de Magisterio) and remained there until summer of 1999, when it was moved to its current location in Campus de Espinardo.

The Faculty started teaching studies of second cycle in Bachelor’s Degree of Economic and Business Studies and, year after year, the rest of the courses were being implemented until completing the Bachelor’s Degree of Economic and Business Studies (Economic Studies section and Business Studies section). Therefore, study plans related to Bachelor’s Degree of Economics, Bachelor’s Degree of Business Management and Administration, Bachelor’s Degree of Sociology (second cycle), Bachelor’s Degree of Market Research and Techniques, and the Joint Bachelor’s Degree of Business Management and Administration and Law were implemented.

The extinction of all these courses started gradually after the academic year of 2009-2010, in which the degree studies started to be taught.

Currently, in the Faculty of Economics and Business has more than 130 full time adjunct professors and researchers to different departments, more than 3,600 enrolled students in all the degrees and more than 30 people linked to the administration and services staff. The Faculty is a modern academic centre, which gives great significance to the adaptation of the learning spaces and which has the appropriate resources to encourage the develop of new ways of teaching and learning that the European Higher Education Area requires. It has a wide range of highly qualified teaching staff who, in addition to their teaching job, carry out a wide research work collected in a database organised into 26 different adjunct research groups of the Faculty and which constitutes the scientific offer available for companies and entities in order to carry out activities related with R&D.

In the field of studies, since the 2009-2010 academic year, the Faculty has been offering the following degrees: Degree of Business Management and Administration (2009 Program), Degree of Economics (2009 Program), Degree of Marketing (20210 Program), Degree of Sociology (2016 Program), and Joint Degree of Business Management and Administration and Degree of Law.

It is important to highlight that, since the 2011-2012 academic year, the Faculty has offered a bilingual group (Spanish/English) in Degree of Business Management and Administration, which has been establishing and growing over the years. This bilingual group, as well as boosting the internationalisation of our students, increases the employability of our graduates.

When talking about master’s degrees, the Faculty currently offers the Master’s Degree in Auditing, Master’s Degree in Economic Development and International Cooperation, Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA), Master’s Degree in Finance and Master’s Degree in Applied Sociology. In addition, the Faculty actively participates in various doctoral programs in the field of economics and business managed by the Escuela Internacional de Doctorado of the University of Murcia.

This wide and varied range of postgraduate programs is a clear demonstration of the Faculty's interest in the employability of its graduates. The aim of this offer is to achieve a greater relationship between the university and the companies and institutions, introducing among its objectives the competences and skills demanded by the market. The presence and great activity of the Faculty in the business and institutional environment also stands out, in both terms of internships and exchange and mobility (national and international) for which it has signed numerous agreements with companies and institutions.

The quality of our degrees and masters has been evaluated positively by the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation of Spain (ANECA) and it is being monitored by the Internal Quality Assurance System of our Faculty. In addition, the Faculty has an Annual Guidance Plan, which includes academic and professional guidance activities and whose purpose is to contribute to the comprehensive training of our future graduates.

J.Samuel Baixauli Soler

Dean of the Faculty


The fundamental aim of the Faculty of Economics and Business is that of contributing to the development and progress of the society, being a model in the definition of economic and business policies, by means of research, the transmission of knowledge, and the implementation of an all-encompassing/ ambitious teaching approach/ practice aimed at the training of future professionals, perfectly capable of the accomplishment of their professional duties, all from the perspective of a constant quest for quality, transparency and social responsibility.

As an educational facility, part of the University of Murcia, and as such sharing the principal objectives of it, our Faculty has the mission of providing students with comprehensive training, for which, it needs to add to the specific training, referred to the acquisition of knowledge regarding economics and business and the development of the competences and abilities which the marketplace demands, a solid education on ethical values, being based on a process of teaching-learning, with its axis on a number of participatory teaching methodologies, of a strong practical nature and extensive use of information technologies.