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Phone number


Chief of Section

María Jesús Oltra Marín

868 88 37 06

Chief of Office

Mari Carmen Navarro López

868 88 37 10

Chief of Office

Paqui Orenes Ródenas

868 88 38 46

Administrative assistant

Lola García Rico

868 88 37 08

Administrative assistant

Conchi Segura Lucas

868 88 37 09

Administrative assistant

Mayte Gracia Ruiz

868 88 37 05

Administrative assistant

Ginesa Gálvez Silvente

868 88 38 45

Administrative assistant

Esther Almagro Antúnez

868 88 82 34





Usual office hours of in-person assistance at Secretary’s office:

            Monday to Friday, 9:00 h. to 14:00 h.

            Thursday, 15:00 h. to 17:30 h.

It will only be attended by appointment.

In case of any incident, please let us know through Sorry for the inconvenience.



We will attend you with the following number: 630335220

Add to your contact list the number 630335220 or you can also scan this QR code

Schedule: 9:00 h. to 14:00 h.

Rules for the use of Secretary’s WhatsApp

Messages will not be answered during non-working periods: weekends and holidays.



Access to the channel: @secretariafee

Rules for the use of Secretary’s Telegram





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