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I Academia Internacional de Canto Histórico de Murcia - CASTELLANO

The University of Murcia, together with the Pro-Música Association in Murcia, organizes the "First International Academy of Historical Singing of Murcia", under the title of "The Baroque Oratorio" in order to promote a taste for Early Music and the internationalization of artistic and cultural activity in the Region of Murcia.

The Academia will be held between April 18th and 25th and will feature eight participants, who will be selected from all applications. They will work with Professor Gerd Trük and the soprano Alicia Amo. The soloists of the concert will be selected among the students. The concert is part of The Coral Universitaria of Murcia's 50th anniversary celebrations, and the orchestra "Il Concerto Accademico" will perform under the direction of Jorge Enrique García.

The concert includes Antonio Vivaldi's works "Gloria RV 589" and "Magnificat RV 610", being part of the Pro-Música Association series organized in the "Victor Villegas" Concert Hall of Murcia. This concert will be audio and video recorded, and broadcast in the regional television.

Participation in the "First International Academia of Historical Song in Murcia" is completely free, and its organization has been possible thanks to the collaboration of:

  • The Vice-Chancellor of Communication, Culture and Sport and the Vice-Chancellor of Coordination and Internationalization of the University of Murcia.
  • The 'Pro-Música " Association in Murcia, which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year.
  • The Institute of Cultural Industries and the Arts of the Region of Murcia.
  • The "Víctor Villegas" Concert Hall.
  • The Superior Music Conservatory of Murcia.
  • The Music Conservatory of Murcia.

This event is sponsored by Cajamurcia Foundation.

Teacher: Gerd Trük

Course Director: Jorge Losana (Coral universitaria of Murcia Choirmaster)

Dates: From April 20th to 25th 2016.

Venue: Social Centre, Campus of Espinardo, University of Murcia, Spain

Hours: 30

Participants: 8 (3 or 4 sopranos, 2 or 3 mezzos, altos or countertenors, 1 or 2 tenors)

Pre-registration: The registration period will end on March 20th. Candidates should meet the following requirements: Advanced singing students or professional singers from 18 to 40. Candidates will need to fill in the form and send their CV (in pdf format), an artistic picture of the candidate (for programs and social networks) in high resolution/quality and a 3-to-5-minute recording in video (any vocal work chosen by the candidate) format to

Registration: Registration is free. The names of the eight selected students (chosen by the Academy teacher, Carlos Mena) will be published in this website on Monday, April 4th.

Statement of participation: The University of Murcia will issue a statement of participation including the number of hours as well as the possible participation in the concert.

Travel and accommodation: Accommodation, food and transportation will be afforded by each participant, although the organization will provide anyone requesting it with some advice on the different possibilities.



The course will take place in three stages:

Stage 1: From April18th to April 20th. Each of the eight singers selected will enjoy three 40-50-minute sessions with the teacher and piano accompanist. The organizers will provide participants with two study rooms with a keyboard to warm up/do vocal exercises and/or rehearse.

Soloists Selection: On Wednesday April 20th evening, an audition will be held to select the soloists who will participate in the concert. Each participant will perform two oratorio arias of his/her choice (they should be previously informed in the pre-registration), plus one of the following numbers by A. Vivaldi:

  • Domine Deus (soprano), Gloria RV 589
  • Qui sedes ad dexteram Patris (mezzo, alto or countertenor), Gloria RV 589
  • Et sanctum nomen ejus (tenor part from "Et exultavit"), Magnificat RV 610

The committee will be formed by Carlos Mena, course teacher, Jorge Losana, course director, and professors from the Department of Early Music at the Superior Music Conservatory of Murcia and the Music Conservatory of Murcia.

Stage 2: April 21st and 22nd. The selected soloists will perform their repertoire with Carlos Mena. The rest of students may stay as listeners for the rest of the academia.

Stage 3 and concert: April 23rd and 24th. The soloists will join the choir and orchestra rehearsal schedule. The concert will be held on April 25th at 20:30.

Works: During Stage 1, the arias/recitatives proposed by the students will be performed. These works should be informed in the pre-registration as well as the solo numbers to be performed in the concert on April 25th. All participants must be committed to bring their "Gloria RV 589" and "Magnificat RV 610" solo parts sufficiently studied and rehearsed.

Pitch: A440

Editions: Scores will be provided by the organization to the selected soloists. The selected editions are:

Vivaldi's "Gloria RV 589": Bärenreiter, vocal and piano score.

Vivaldi's "Magnificat RV 610": Carus Verlag, vocal and piano score.

Time Schedule and Rooms

The room planning and time schedule are available at this link.