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null Última hora: 1 PLAZA para encuentro juvenil en MACEDONIA

PROGRAMA JUVENTUD EN ACCIÓN. 21 al 27 de marzo de 2011. MACEDONIA. Seleccionado: Pedro Miguel Terol Muñoz.

TC "Media Sapiens II – Effective Communication and Media in Follow-up Activities"

Action number

Training course

Name of the Project

"Media Sapiens II – Effective Communication and Media in Follow-up Activities"


21-27 march 2011


Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia

Host Organization

YMCA Macedonia

Participating Countries

Macedonia, Estonia, UK, Romania, Belarus, Armenia, Italy, Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Moldova, France, Lithuania, Spain,

Albania, Hungary


Activity Program in www.um.es/web/csu

Number of Participants from the CSU (representing Spain):



Due the tax regulations in Macedonia we are not able to pay cash to the participants for travel reimbursement. For these reasons there are two alternatives

To be 70 % reimbursed by bank transfer after the course

The organizer to buy the ticket for you and you to pay 30 % of the travel during the course

So for us is easier to buy the plane tickets for those who travel by plane. If we make the payments for the flight tickets will be easier to arrange the reimbursement to be paid in cash to the participants coming by other means of transport.

You are expected to arrive on 21st March morning/afternoon and to leave on 27th March afternoon.

For those coming by plane please contact me as soon as possible with the info on the best flying options you found (before buying the tickets).

You participate with 30 % of the total travel costs plus participation fee of 30 Euros that should be paid in cash upon your arrival!

Info about the venue

Info about the venue:

Ohrid is a small ancient town located in the south-western part of Republic of Macedonia, 170 km from the capital city of Skopje

The hotel "Sonceva Porta" is located on 15 minutes walk from the city centre and 5 minutes walk from the shore of the lake in a quiet surrounding

Application Dates:

Deadline: 11 of march, 12h.


- + 18 years old.

- Student at the University of Murcia.

- Intermediate/advanced level of spoken English (the whole project is carried out in English).

- Previous knowledge of the subject matter to be dealt with at the project.

- Previous Experience and Training on Youth, Education, Interculturality, Human Rights, Ethnic Minorities.

- Motivation.

If you want to participate:

In order to be able to participate in this project, please fill out the following forms:

Formulario proyecto en inglés

Formulario CSU en español

and send by email to csu@um.es

We suggest that you devote the necessary amount of time to fill in the form.

Participant selection:

The list of selected participants will be published in www.um.es/web/csu

Information Meeting:

Those selected will be appointed to attend a meeting at the CSU.

Before the Project:

Participant's ‘Homework'


Those selected must prepare the following before the project:

- Intercultural Night

- CSU presentation

(More details at the meeting)

The participants must be in contact with the CSU all throughout the project stages.

After the Project:

Participants must hand in an evaluation form in which they will assess all the features of the project.

The group leader must hand in an Activity Report.

Important: participants must forward all future projects they receive after the project to the CSU.

Exhibition of the materials

Every February, an exhibit takes place in CSU,  where all the materials collected in the project are shown (shortfilms, videos, photographs, manifestos, comics, dances, etc) so the rest of students know about the project.

CSU Contact:

Phone: (0034) 868 88 8326

E-mail: csu@um.es

Web: www.um.es/web/csu

Facebook: Csu Universidad de Murcia