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null ÚLTIMA HORA: 1 plaza libre para PBA en POLONIA

22 al 27 de julio de 2012. Bedzin, Polonia. Programa Juventud en Acción. Plazo de solicitudes hasta jueves 21 de junio, 12:00h.


Action number:

Action 4.3

Name of the Project:

PBA "One step closer"

"One step closer"  it is a Partnership-Building Activity serving the purpose of developing contacts, creating new and high quality partnership, exchanging experiences among the participants from 16 countries for international cooperation in future.


22-27 july 2012


Bedzin, Silesia province, Poland

Host Organization

Dzieciom Bedzina

Participating Countries

Romania, Italy, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Malta, Lithuania, Portugal, Estonia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Croatia, Latvia, Spain, Poland, Greece

Activities, tools and methods:

Our tools and methods are: games, team activities, workshops, discussions, presentations, open space.

The program of project is to teach about projects and its quality; inspire to involve in local community life and in international youth projects; respond to the participants needs and gain intercultural experience.

By five days project held in Bedzin and facilitating the creation of relations in a group of 29 participants, in non-formal way, we hope to gain a position of credible and reliable partner cooperating within the new projects offered by the Youth in Action Program.

Our aim to promote international cooperation and Youth in Action Program, exchange ideas for future, high quality youth projects and facilitate the development of new projects with partners.

Main theme of Project:

The main theme of our initiative will be:
- youth and sport.
- inclusion youth from disadvantaged background.
- promotion of volunteering.
- activating youth potential that will involve social issues and their representation in media.
- European identity.
- integration of youth from various diverse social and economic backgrounds.

Our main idea is to build trustful and long term partnership that will turn into quality youth in action initiatives. We will share the experience and other useful and practical information with other less experienced regional NGOs as a natural outcome of this initiative.

We will use below outlined methods:
-role playing
-ice-breaking games
-outdoor activities
-discussions and presentations
-small group exercises
-creative session

Number of Participants from the CSU (representing Spain):

1 participant from each organisation



Participants must pay for 30% of travelling costs from Murcia to the project location.

Lodging, meals and 70% of transportation costs from Murcia to the project location will be provided by the organization.



Application Dates:

Deadline: 21 of june, 12h.


18/35 years old.

Student at the University of Murcia.

Intermediate/advanced level of spoken English (the whole project is carried out in English).

Knowledge and experience on Youth in Action programme and themes of project ( youth and sport, inclusion youth from disadvantaged background, promotion of volunteering, activating youth potential that will involve social issues and their representation in media, European identity, integration of youth from various diverse social and economic backgrounds)


If you want to participate:

In order to be able to participate in this project, please fill out the following forms:

Formulario proyecto en inglés

Formulario CSU en español

and send by email to csu@um.es

We suggest that you devote the necessary amount of time to fill in the form.

Participant selection:

The list of selected participants will be published in www.um.es/web/csu

Information Meeting:

Those selected will be appointed to attend a meeting at the CSU.

Please remember to bring with you:

Please remember to bring with you :

- All you need for the Intercultural Evening (some ideas: specialities from your region or country: food and drinks, CD with music typical for your country, quiz about your country, pictures, map, etc.)

- During the seminar there will be possibility to make Future Cooperation between participating organizations. So, feel free to bring with you the information about your organization, projects, etc.

- Original receipts of all your travel costs, boarding cards to receive reimbursement of travel costs , please bring also one copy of your  travel costs.

- European health insurance card. The European Health Card is accepted in every country of the European Union. If you dont have it, you can get it easily. You should go to the office recharged with health affairs, and ask for your European Health Card. It's a little blue plastic card, and you can get it for free. It's valid in every EU country for 1 year. Or any other insurance is welcome (organizers are not covering insurance costs).

After the Project:

Participants must hand in an evaluation form in which they will assess all the features of the project.

Important: participants must forward all future projects they receive after the project to the CSU.

Exhibition of the materials

Every February, an exhibit takes place in CSU, where all the materials collected in the project are shown (shortfilms, videos, photographs, manifestos, comics, dances, etc) so the rest of students know about the project.

CSU Contact:

Phone: (0034) 868 88 8326

E-mail: csu@um.es

Web: www.um.es/web/csu

Facebook: Csu Universidad de Murcia