Useful information for International students


The University of Murcia has the Live in Murcia program, which helps International Students to find an accommodation for their stay with us.


The region of Murcia has the typical Mediterranean semi-arid subtropical climate: namely an average annual temperature of 18ºC, with hot summers (registering absolute maximum temperatures of 40ºC) and mild winters (an average temperature of 11ºC in the winter months of December and January). The number of days per year with clear skies is 120-150, with approximately 2,800 sun-hours per annum. In general rain is scarce throughout the region (approx. 300-350 mm/year), falling mainly in the spring (April) and autumn (October), leaving the summer an eminently dry season.

The region of Murcia is characterised by certain climatic differences which may lead to variation in the above-mentioned figures. These variations depend on the orientation and exposure to the dominant winds, the distance from the sea and the configuration of relief. Due to these factors, the temperature differences between the coast and the interior are much more extreme in the winter. On the coast temperatures tend never to fall below 10ºC, whilst inland at higher altitudes they may not exceed 6ºC. The latter areas show a higher average annual rainfall, which reaches 600 mm/yr.

Life in Murcia

The region of Murcia has an interesting cultural offer for every kind of person. Detailed information about the Region and the city of Murcia can be found at Murcia Turistica. You can also have a look at some reviews of the city: Murcia in UlookUbook.

In addition to this, the University of Murcia has an association which organizes activities for international students, ESN Murcia. Join it!

Next, some orientative information concerning the cost of life in Murcia is provided:

  • Rent a 2 bedroom apartment in a middle zone: 500 Euros
  • Rent a room in an average zone: 200 Euros
  • Single bus ticket: 1,10 Euros
  • Coffee in a bar: 1,10 Euros
  • Menu or lunch in an average restaurant: 10 Euros
  • Beer in a bar:  1,20 Euros for a 0,33 cl bottle.
  • Dinner and tapas in an average: 15 Euros
  • Drink in a pub or disco: 5 Euros
  • 1  liter of petrol: 1 Euro
  • A soda from a vending machine: 1 Euro
  • A newspaper: 1,20 Euros
  • A taxi from the airport to downtown: 70 Euros (from/to Alicante), 50 euros (from/to San Javier)
  • Cinema ticket on a weekend: 6 Euros