Academic institution founded in 2002/03 by the transformation of the School of Information Science (formerly School of Librarianship and Information Science, established in 1991). It is fully adapted to the European Higher Education Area and offers the degrees in Audiovisual Communication, Information Science, Journalism and Advertising and Public Relations. It also offers the masters degrees in Social Trends Analysis and Consumer and Communication Strategies, Information Management into the Organizations and Mobile Communications and Digital Content, along with the doctoral program in Information Management and Communication in Organizations, continuing with the commitment to promote internships, exchange and mobility of students and teachers and extracurricular training.

In short, we work every day to consolidate the presence of our school in the context of the University of Murcia and into the society in general as a dynamic, participative and involved socially process. This academic year, we face with particular interest to the ANECA evaluation oriented to review the functioning of our degrees.