Head Office

The head of the Faculty is the Dean, who is elected by the members of the Faculty. The Dean is currently supported by a series of Vice-deans (Dean Assistants) to the, which are in charge of the management of issues such as the design of new degrees, international affairs, students’ affairs and placements, the control of the quality of the Faculty activities and the budget or the equipment. The Secretary of the Faculty is also a member of the head team and supervises the bureaucratic and administrative issues. These people are chosen by the Dean among the research and teaching staff.

Administrative support of Dean´s office. Bsc.  Fax: +34 868 88 7141

Administration Units

There are three main administration units:

  • Secretary Office: They manage of the registration of the students, keep all the academic information, and process the general queries of the students.
  • Secretary of the Dean: Administrative support for the Dean and the Vice-deans.
  • Concierge: They control the access to the building, offices and labs to ensure that the Faculty activities can be performed as scheduled.


There are 21 departments associated to the academical activities of the Faculty of Information Science but only one belongs to our school, the Information and Documentation Department (http://www.um.es/web/infodoc/). This department is responsible of teaching organization and the development of research activities in the Faculty.

General Services

The Faculty of Information Science offers three main services to the staff and students, namely, the reprography centre, the open computer classromms  and the library, which are described next:

Reprography centre: sited at the Aulario General entrance, the studens can use use this service to make legal copies of academic texts.

Open access computer classrooms (ADLAS): the Faculty has four open acces computer classrooms totaling 100 work stations equipped with the necessary software for the realization of all academic activities.

The library: the faculty houses a library specialized in the following subjects: Information Science, Journalism, Advertising, Public Relations, Audiovisual Communication and Information Management. It is sited in the buiding of the General Library 'Maria Moliner', attached to our school. The basic collection has mora than 21.000 titles. In addition to this, specialized press and magazines can be found in our library. There are also some computer PCs in the library through which the students can search the collections of the Library. The library has two floors. The ground floor has study places for students and several small rooms for doing group meetings, whereas the first floor has study places.

'Aured building': attached to our faculty, the university is finalizing the construction of a building for the realization of audiovisual and cinematographic practices.

Student Services

This section includes the services offered by the Faculty that are run by the students, namely, the Students Office and Judoc.

Students Office: administrative support to the work of student representation to the government of the faculty.

INFOMUN: the 'junior' enterprise of the faculty (http://www.um.es/judoc/)