null CAS SciFinder-n Multidisciplinary Training Online Sessions

CAS SciFinder-n Multidisciplinary Training Online Sessions

Desde CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service) nos ofrecen una serie de formaciones de CAS SciFinder-n sobre diversas temáticas. Las sesiones serán impartidas online y en inglés con una duración de 1h en la que habrá tiempo para preguntas.

CAS enviará un certificado de asistencia de las sesiones de las que nos inscribamos, así como la grabación de la sesión correspondiente.


Date - Time (CET)


Pharmacy & Medicine:


Substance - Bioactivity
Drug Delivery - Reference Searching
Drug Formulation Purpose - Therapeutic Use
Active Principles Characterization & Analysis
Medicine Substance Role & Diseases - Adverse Effects
Medicine and Pharmacy Regulatory Information
Most prominent Authors - Citations
Pharmacy Patents - PatentPak
Patent Markush Drug Search
Espacenet & Prior Art- Patents – Formulation

 17/05/2022 -15h00



Magnetic materials and electronic devices –  Strategies for an efficient Reference search.
Characterization of semiconductors –Substance specific and broad approaches.
Nanostructures as captured in journals and patents.
Computer simulations –The broad coverage of research areas in SciFinder-n.

 19/05/2022 - 15h00


Intellectual Property (IP):

A  valuable tool for patent searching.

Different intellectual property (IP)  documents & references.
Patents search and visualization (PatentPak)
Markush structures in substance and reaction search
ChemScape: display different patents sorted by similarity, chronologically, etc.
Different filters: CPC & IPC, patent office, jurisdiction, etc.
Tips to for narrowing down your results while not losing relevant hits.

24/05/2022 – 15h00 


Total Synthesis:

Total synthesis: experimental and predicted reaction steps.
How to find natural products from specific species in nature.

Retrosynthesis tool in creative view of the alternatives to a

synthetic approach for a (novel) target molecule.
Substance/reaction/reference searching organometallic compounds.
Functional and efficient application of different filters for larger reactions

(yield, selectivity or green chemistry approach).

25/05/2022 – 15h00 


Biology & Biotechnology:


Biosequence searching in SciFinder-n (increasing the biosequences collection to over

1 billion sequences; protein & nucliec acids).
Text-based searches for biological matter and how to filter the most relevant results.
How to use the BLAST, CDR, and Motif search options to explore biosequence content.
Linking sequence content to the respective patent and journal references,

along with links to the NCBI database.
Ways to refine results using indexed concepts
Combining biosequence search results with small molecule search results to locate information on antibody-drug conjugates.

01/06/2022 – 15h00



Synthetic /natural polymers - Substance Searching and Indexing in SciFinder
Polymer synthesis & characterization methods - Substance Roles
Engineering - Content and Reference Searching
Mechanical essays - Text Searching
Nanoparticles - Substance and Concept Indexing
Applications - Refinement of answer sets
Patents - PatentPak and Prior Art Analysis

02/06/2022 – 15h00 



CAS SciFinder-n Q2 Novelties (en Español):


The last update about newly integrated solutions to the platform

in the second quarter of 2022

- Explained with examples.

15/06/2022 – 15h00