null 13th Edition of the Academy of Young Diplomats in Warsaw, Poland

AYDAre you a student or young graduate interested in a career in diplomacy? Would you like to meet colleagues from over 15 countries, who are preparing to work in European institutions, think-tanks and international organizations? Would you like to discover Poland and learn more about Central Europe? If so, join for a 13th edition of Academy of Young Diplomats (AYD), a unique, diplomatic program which will complement your university experience.

The Academy of Young Diplomats (AYD) is a highly competitive, 8-session diplomatic program held in Warsaw, Poland, which brings together the best and brightest students and young graduates from over 20 countries. This engaging, practical experience allows students to develop their soft skills and apply theoretical knowledge, while also building their professional networks.

The European Academy of Diplomacy (EAD) is a non-for-profit, nongovernmental institution with over 12 years' experience in educating future leaders, which today include over 5,000 alumni from over 50 countries. Many graduates from the EAD have successfully passed the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) exams, and have gone on to work for European institutions, but also other international organizations such as the United Nations, Council of Europe or the World Bank. We are proud to say that a number of our former students also work in Ministries of Foreign Affairs and a variety of public institutions of their respective countries.