Área Científica y Técnica de Investigación


The Tissue Culture Service (SCT) activity started in 1983 as a member of the Área Científica y Técnica de Investigación (ACTI, Core Facility). From then until now, we have been collaborating with researchers from our University, as well as researchers from other centers and private companies, in the development of different techniques related to the cell and tissue culture.

The Tissue Culture Service is also a member of the platforms of the Instituto Murciano de Investigación Biosanitaria (Murcian Institute of Biosanitary Research, IMIB)


The Cell Culture Service offers:

A. Supervision of the ACTI Cell Culture Facility (SCT)

  • Control of users' access (record of authorized users).                              
  • Technical advice to the users who require it.                                        
  • Collaboration in the elaboration / updating of the rules for the use of the cell culture rooms. Supervision of the fulfillment of these rules.
  • Assignment of equipment and shifts of use / maintenance of these equipment
  • Preventive maintenance/ cleaning of specific equipment etc.
  • Training  in aseptic and cell culture techniques
  • Mycoplasma screening and elimination
  • Autentication of cell lines (provided in conjuntion with the ACTI's Molecular Biology Service)
  • Maintenance and cryopreservation of a large cell line repository
  • Maintenance of samples in liquid nitrogen
  • Media preparation for researchers who are using cells provided by the facility, to use on site.
  • Preparation of cells for experiments (consult availability in the Service)
  • Others (consult availability in the Service)


B. Technologies related to cell culture


Services and Rates


Staff / Contact





Contact: sai.sct@um.es