3 ECTS course in 4th year of Bachelor of Laws (Language: English)


1. The European Union’s External Action.

2. The Common Foreign and Security Policy.

3. EU Law beyond the EU borders.

This course provides the students with a deep understanding of the external powers of the EU in several domains (from trade or competition to CFSP matters such as cybersecurity). The course will be orientated towards the study of the impact of EU Law beyond the EU’s territory. In particular, the course analyses, from a practical perspective, the extraterritorial extension of EU Law and the application of the so-called Brussels effect and other recent legal phenomena. This course is taught in English by the Chair holder and in Spanish by other team members in other groups of the Law Degree. The course employs innovative law teaching methodologies including group-based problem-solving methods such as the flipped classroom. Teaching materials (cases and materials) will be prepared and uploaded in this website for Open Access.