The research project entitled “The quest for an international regulation for cybernetic activities, an unavoidable necessity? (CYBINREG)”, led by a member of the team (María José Cervell) and the Chair holder, has been launched. The project is funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation in the framework of the State Programmes for the generation of knowledge and scientific and technological strengthening of the R&D&I system oriented to the challenges of Society (Call of 2020), and a first meeting of all its members has already taken place, as well as the initiation of some academic activities. CYBINREG will develop a comprehensive and critical academic analysis of the desirability and feasibility of an international legal regulation of cyberspace, with special emphasis on the possible contribution of the European Union in this field. It will also examine the most feasible non-regulatory alternatives (e.g., voluntary codes of conduct), and will open new horizons for academics and policy-makers thanks to its ambitious and plural objectives and its inter-disciplinary methodological approach.