TEULP will provide an in-depth and comprehensive academic analysis of the transformative power of EU Law inside and outside the EU’s territory, focusing on the reasons and conditions, including relevant actors and procedures, under which EU Law is liable to transform other legal systems. To this end, TEULP will organise a wide range of academic activities with the participation of well-known professors from major European and international universities and of other actors, such as lawyers and judges, that are crucial for the observance and use of EU Law. The academic activities foreseen by TEULP will provide insights that can support EU policy-making and strengthen the role of the EU in a globalised world.

RESEARCH1. The transformative power of EU Law

The Chair holder and team members will engage in an in-depth academic analysis of the transformative power of EU Law in different fields, both within and outside the EU’s territory. They will investigate, in particular, who are the drivers of significant legal transformation (lawyers, judges, businesses, the EU institutions…) and which methods are employed to generate change. TEULP will go substantially beyond the state of the art by providing the first in-depth and comprehensive academic analysis of the internal and external sides of the transformative power of EU Law.

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REASEARCH2. The quest for an international regulation for cybernetic activities, an unavoidable necessity? (CYBINREG)

CYBINREG is a research project funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation led by a team member (M.J. Cervell) and the Chair holder. The project aims, inter alia, to study how the European Union can contribute to the international regulation of cyberspace in the context of its proclaimed open strategic autonomy, considered as crucial for the EU’s digital sovereignty. The project is thus fully aligned to the analysis of the transformative power of EU Law beyond the EU borders.

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RESEARCH3. Research supervision

The Chair holder and the key staff from University of Murcia will supervise end of bachelor’s degree projects, end of master’s degree thesis, and PhD thesis on topics related to TEULP.

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