Invited Speakers

We count with the participation of the following speakers:

M. Cascante
University of Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain).
A Systems Biology approach to identify and exploit for cancer therapy the fragilities of the robust tumor metabolism
N. Lindley

Laboratoire Biotcechnologie-Bioprocédés, INSA (France)
Network modelling of E. coli and metabolic engineering for threonine production: filling in the gaps using transcriptome analysis

E. Klipp
Max Plank Institut for Molecular Genetics (Germany).
Computational modelling of yeast cell stress response
U. Klingmüller

German Cancer Research Center (Heidelberg, Germany)
Dynamic pathway modeling of the JAK-STAT signaling cascade

R. Kaddurah-Daouk

Duke University (USA).
Metabolomic signatures in the study of central nervous system disorders

P. Ruhdal Jensen

BioCentrum-DTU (Lyngby,Denmark).
Tunable promoters for Systems Biology: applied to prokaryotic model systems

M. Reuss

University of Stuttgart (Stuttgart, Germany).
Measuring and modeling the dynamics of networks in Escherichi coli

U. Sauer

ETH (Zurich, Switzerland).
Experimental analysis and computational prediction of metabolic fluxes

G. Stephanopoulos.

MIT (Masachussets, USA).
To be included

J. J. Heijnen

DUT (Delft, The Netherlands).
In-vivo kinetics of metabolic networks


Others are being contacted