A volume book entitled "Understanding and Exploiting Systems Biology in Bioprocesses and Biomedicine" will be published including Full papers of works (oral, posters) presented at the conference. The book will be published in order to give it a broad international distribution and serve as a good reference to consult the state of the art of the hottest topics in Systems Biology.

Paper lenght: not more than 12 printed pages

Full Papers submission

Every paper accepted to be presented at SYSBIOL2006 Symposium is entitled, after revision, to be published in the Symposium Proceedings Book.
Every paper must be in the accompanied template form and must not be larger than 12 printed pages.

How to estimate the number of printed pages:

This indications are just an estimation. Please fit the lenght of your paper to the proceedings book requirements (see template). Only strictly needed figures should be included, this being a reason for paper rejection.


  • length of article 4 printed pages: corresponds to 2650 words (this estimation only have into account raw text, figures and tables must be added aside)
  • length of article 6 printed pages: corresponds to 4000 words (this estimation only have into account raw text, figures and tables must be added aside)

The text of your manuscript can be counted using the wordcount option that is available on your text processing package. Further, each figure and table (1/4 of a page) should be counted as 250 words.

As an example, 2500 words of (double-line spaced) manuscript (roughly 10 full pages) and 6 figures will produce roughly 6 printed pages. Please count title page, text pages, tables and figure captions as manuscript pages.

Paper Submission Checklist:

If your paper is just to be considered for SYSBIOL2006 Proceedings Book.

1. Download the proceedings paper template (.doc format).
2. Make up your paper following the paper template provided. Print it out.
3. Download the cover form (.doc format). Fill in it and print it out.
4. You must deliver:

Copy of the Cover form filled in and

Electronic copy of your paper in due format before the 2nd of may.